Experience at HSF

- HSF is for Natural Athletes to participate in competition organised at sports expo.
- It is the biggest platform for all the natural athletes to showcase their hard-work and talent to the world and promote natural fitness practices.
- The competition are
   Men's Physique body building competition
   Classic Physique body building competition
   Open Physique body building competition
   Arm Wrestling Competition

More activities are

- See and meet your beloved fitness celebrity and influencers: Ade Rai, Gaurav Taneja, Ankita Singh, Vispy Kharadi & Jeet Selal.
- Experience the biggest booth of Divine Nutrition with Divine Nutrition athlete, Aditi Mistry, Deepak Sharma, Rohit Rajput & Mohit Chhillar.
- Talk of Gurus with: Jeet Selal & Vispy Kharadi
- Witness a live music performance.

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