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The sports industry is one of the industry that encourages people to Live a healthy life on a global level. However, Drugs have been and Continued to be the biggest challenge to withstand in the industry. In India also, it has become everyday news, especially in the body building field.
Such activities have discouraged the natural athletes and real hard working talented individuals, those who are not receiving the exposure to their hard work. Himalayan Stallion would like to give a platform to Natural athletes and bodybuilders that would encourage more fitness enthusiasts to promote natural practices in health & fitness.


By Jeet Selal.

Drug abuse in the industry has been the biggest challenge and youth has been falling for it without knowing its impact on their health. Jeet Selal has been practicing natural fitness practices since the beginning and working in the industry for the last 15 years. He started his YouTube journey in 2016 with a mission of #DRUGFREEINDIA.
His vision is to aware each and every Indian, about drug use disadvantages in the long run and different problems occurring at a later stage.
Himalayan Stallion Sports Festival is only possible by Jeet Selal.

Message by Jeet Selal.

Hi Guys, HSF is a platform for NATURAL athletes to showcase their hard work and talent on a national level. HSF will help you boost your career in health and & Fitness journey. I feel I am in-debt if I do not work on a platform like HSF to provide an opportunity to our NATURAL athletes. So here it is guys, I hope you give the same love and support to HSF as what you have given to me over the years.

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With the applied rules and regulations of Indian Armwrestling Federation.


Surat International Exhibition and Convention Center, Sarsana, Surat, Gujarat. 395017.